Leadership Coaching Group for Managers

Mastering the sacred craft of leadership: helping others to perform at their best, to work harmoniously together, and to grow their abilities.

Coaching Group Summary

Learn the skills, behaviors, and thought patterns of the most successful leaders, so you can better lead your team, deliver superior results, attract and retain the best talent, and achieve professional success.

Group Curriculum

ThomasB Cox

Thomas shows you how to implement the world's best ideas on leading teams, transforming you into an exceptional leader. You'll deliver breakthrough results, and recruit and retain the best team members.

Andy Gonzalez

Business Owner

Thomas makes the pursuit of continued professional (and in part personal) growth a fun and more than tangible experience. This is due in part to Thomas' bottom up approach that involves becoming acquainted with me as a person, my goals, my setbacks, and thus is able to uncover blind spots worth engaging with. Consider this offer a more than substantial value add as its lessons will permeate into parts of your life beyond that of a professional.

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