Staying in the Driver’s Seat and Owning Your 1%

Feb 25, 2021

Which statement would you prefer to hear from someone you are counting on?

  1. I’m late because traffic was bad. It’s not my fault.
  2. I’m late because I didn’t allow enough time for traffic. I’ll leave earlier next time.

Why do you prefer one over the other?

Most people MUCH prefer #2, because they prefer to work with people who are powerful, who take personal responsibility, and who focus on what they can control and influence. 

You can’t control the weather, but you can dress for it and carry an umbrella.

Failures, errors and let-downs are rarely 100% the fault of one person. Even when you have a conflict partner who is 99% at fault, you can still focus 100% of your improvement efforts on the 1% that you contributed. This has multiple virtues:

  • It sets a positive example for the other person to maybe start owning their contributions to your joint problems.
  • It gives you something to focus on and keeps you moving forward and improving things.
  • Other people around you want to work with you.

From now on, try to NEVER talk like a victim. 

Not: “I had to miss your meeting because my boss called me into another meeting.”

Instead: “I chose to miss your meeting because my boss called me into another meeting that conflicted. How can I best catch up?”

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