Finally See the Hidden Structure of Accountability

No more finger pointing.

Far fewer dropped balls.

No more blame-shifting and drama.

When you can see the hidden "loop" structure of accountability, you can attack the true root causes of accountability problems.

You -- and your team -- will get better work done faster, with less rework, fewer errors, less drama, and more harmony.

This Accountability Loop infographic includes:

  • The four phases of the Accountability Loop underlying all accountable agreements
  • The 12 moves of negotiation and acceptance
  • The 30 questions that surface 94% of accountability problems -- and lead to their solutions
  • The nine internal psychological questions to ask yourself to prevent self-sabotage

Comes with a series of explanatory lessons walking you through the dense, rich content, ensuring you get the value you need to start delivering high performance with less effort, immediately.


I'm ready to see what others don't.

I'm ready for breakthrough results with High Accountability.

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