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Become a Best Boss

When we give someone positional power, do we equip them with the tools, skills, knowledge and habits to be an outstanding boss? Usually not.

I'm changing that. I'm Thomas Cox, and I'm a systems integrator of the best ideas on the planet for helping you lead and manage others.

About the Becoming a Best Boss system

The mission of Becoming a Best Boss is to ensure that every worker in the world reports to a boss who is trained to lead and manage that worker with skill, love, patience, and appropriate expectations, fairly enforced -- a boss who holds themselves responsible for delivering results today, and nurturing the growth of each worker, to deliver better performance tomorrow. The Becoming a Best Boss system focuses on behavior, because all results come from behavior. When managers start to behave in new, Best Boss ways, and then get better results, their beliefs and mindsets change as well. This behavior-first focus delivers unbeatable results in record time, and turns naysayers and resistant managers into staunch advocates.

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